5 ways to cleanse and charge your crystals

Crystals are wonderful healing tools but you have to cleanse and charge your crystals in order for them to work in the long run. You can do it with these simple methods.

After being used for a while, your crystals start losing their energy and vibrance — when you cleanse and charge your crystals you restore their natural state.

Also, before crystals make their way to you, they'll have been handled by multiple people. As a result, your crystals pick up energies from their handlers.

That's why it's super important to cleanse your gemstones on a regular basis.


cleanse and charge your crystals


Here are top 5 safe ways of cleansing and recharging your crystals:

1. Running Water:

Water is known to neutralize negative energies and help your gemstones return to their original state.

Although natural sources of running water (like waterfall, rain) is considered best, you can also cleanse your crystal in the tap or sink.

Alternatively, you can submerge your gemstones in a bowl full of water and let the nature do it's magic.

Average duration - 1 to 2 minutes

DO NOT use for - Raw stones

2. Salt Water:

Salt is another excellent element that's said to absorb negative and unwanted energies.

This step works best if you can collect a bowl of fresh ocean water and fully dip your gemstones inside.

Alternatively, combining table salt with tap water works reasonably well too.

Average duration - 12 to 24 hours

DO NOT use for - Soft and brittle stones like Turquoise, Selenite, Moonstone or any raw stones

3. Moonlight:

This is an easy one. All you need to do is leave your crystals out overnight and let it bath in Moonlight.

The Lunar body contains powerful cleansing energy that'll restore your gemstones to it's natural state.

Full Moon is the best time to do this as the energy of the Moon is at it's peak.

Average duration - Overnight

DO NOT use for - Can be used for any stones

4. Sage:

For thousands of years, people have been burning sage to eliminate negative energies. It's a sacred plant with powerful healing properties.

For this step, place a bundle of sage in a safe bowl and light the fire on its tip. Next, let the smoke from the sage envelope your gemstones for a while.

It's important to have an open window near you to let the negative energy flow out.

Average duration - 30 to 60 seconds

DO NOT use for - Can be used for any stones

cleansing and charging crystals


5. Visualization:

This method is considered the safest way to cleanse your stone.

Start off by relaxing and grounding yourself. This will help you get in the right alignment.

Then pick up your stones and visualize them bathing in radiant, white light. Imagine this light purifying your stone and flushing out all the impure, unwanted energies.

Average duration - 1 to 2 minutes

DO NOT use for - Can be used for any stones


Crystal cleansing is another form of self-care.

When you cleanse and recharge your crystals, you're investing time to heal yourself on an energetic level. You're redefining your sense of purpose and allowing positivity to flow into your life.



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