Welcome to The Crystal Bazaar, a timeless world of beauty and uplifting, healing energy.

Refined in its natural beauty, delicate in its intensity, and powerful in its healing qualities. Connect to a piece that carries fruitful energy and allow these unique pieces to promote emotional and spiritual healing.

Each crystal holds powerful healing properties to help balance the body, mind, and spirit. All our crystal range serves a similar purpose, to guide us towards our highest potential. Allow your beloved gemstone to align with your vibration and observe as the energy surged from the crystal to you works as a tool to connect our conscious thoughts with our body.

Our products and designs integrate sacred symbols or geometry to further enhance the power of the gemstones.

It's our intention to bring more nourishment and magic into your life. 


All our gemstones have been ethically sourced from suppliers who follow Fair Trade practices and ensure they're giving back to the community.

In addition, we contribute 5% of each purchase towards saving our planet.

We contribute regularly to raise awareness on sustainability and to build a better high vibrational world for us all.

Step into the magical world of The Crystal Bazaar and unearth a magical gemstone that will guide you on your soul seeking journey. 


 Meet Shira, The Crystal Bazaar Founder & CEO

Shira is a Yoga teacher, Reiki master, and spiritual entrepreneur whose passion and purpose is to create a more conscious world through energy and crystal healing.

Crystals have always played an important role in her life. As a child, her grandmother would give her different stones each year for her birthday, accompanied with wonderful stories of the magic and energy within them and the ancient cultures that discovered and revered them.

These stories also lit her imagination and fascination with the concept of ‘energy’ which was able to be used for healing and positive transformations.

Her grandmother's wisdom and love for crystals infused her world and she cultivated an intimate connection with stones and gems and a strong sensitivity to their healing properties.

Shira also undertook to study in depth the healing and empowering energy of the Universe and is now a qualified Reiki Master.

 Crystals and healing are an inseparable part of her life.

Shira created Crystal Bazaar to open others up to the power of crystals and the positive impact they can have on your life, if you open yourself up to them.