The Crystal Bazaar is a one-stop-shop that offers high quality crystals, statement jewelry pieces and accessories, and luxurious beauty and wellness crystal products. We empower crystal lovers around the world to experience the incredible energy that comes with using crystals. 

We offers unique, powerful and high-quality crystals ethically sourced from all over the world.  We would like you, our fellow crystal lover, to fully experience the love, healing and happiness that crystals can bring in your life. 



Guided by our values and love for our planet Earth, we make sure that we source all of our gemstones from suppliers who follow fair trade practices.

We also believe that it’s part of our mission to save our only home so every purchase that you make, we will contribute 5% of it to initiatives that raise sustainability and causes that create a better future for all of us.


 Meet Shira, The Crystal Bazaar Founder & CEO


Hello, I’m so thrilled you’re here. Welcome to my shop. My name is Shira and I’m the CEO and Founder of the Crystal Bazaar. 

This is the start of your spiritual crystal journey. I’d be really happy to help you find the perfect, unique gem for you. My passion and purpose is to create a better world where you can experience the power and the healing effect of crystals in your life.

The truth is, crystals have always played an important role in my life as well. But first, let me share with you a few things about myself. I’m a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Entrepreneur.

One of my happiest memories was when I was a child because every single year my grandmother would give me different stones for my birthday. She would share spellbinding stories about magic and the energy contained within these crystals along with the ancient cultures that discovered and revered them. 

These stories lit up my imagination. I’ve become so enthralled with the concept of “energy” that I started studying more about it in-depth, and eventually, I’ve become a Reiki Master. During my studies, I’ve learned that we can actually use crystals for healing and positive transformations.


To this day, my fascination with crystals and healing continues. As a matter of fact, crystals have already become an inseparable part of my life.

That’s why I’ve created this shop. I’d love to share with you as well how crystals changed my life. 

Discover the power of crystals and the positive impact that they can have on your life right here in the Crystal Bazaar.