For thousands of years, people all over the world were fascinated with crystals because of their rare beauty and interesting qualities. 
There’s something so captivating about crystals because they aren’t just beautiful, but they’re also full of purpose. Back then they were mixed with traditional medicine, others were used as jewelry and some were associated with magic. 
If you want to learn more about the history of crystals, let’s go back in time and have a look at the different beliefs of people about crystals and how they used them in the past.
First Historical Reference of Crystals
 If you’re wondering when people first learned how to use crystals then we’ve got you covered. In the 4th millenium BC, the very first historical reference about crystals tells us that the ancient Sumerians used crystals in their magic formulas. 
Around 5000 years ago, Chinese people mixed crystals in traditional Chinese medicine for healing purposes and other ancient civilizations in Egypt, India, Greece, and Rome also used crystals for healing. Read on for more details about people’s beliefs and use of crystals in these places.
Crystals in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome
In the cradles of civilizations like Egypt, Greece and Rome, ancient people used crystals as pieces of jewelry, and forms of protection. Crystals also helped them become stronger, and people also believed that they would bring good luck. 
The Ancient Egyptians and Crystals
Egyptians used crystals such as  Emerald, Carnelian, Turquoise, and Lapis Lazuli in jewelry making. They also made amulets from crystals. They wore them as rings, necklaces, piercings, and other pieces of jewelry. The Egyptians also believed that the power of the crystals depends on their shape, color, and material. They also used them to boost their health and protect themselves from harm.
The Ancient Greeks and Crystals
Many of the words about crystals are actually of Greek origin. As a matter of fact, even the word crystal is from the Greek word krystallos which means ice while the word amethyst means not intoxicated. That’s the reason why the Ancient Greek wore amethysts as an amulet to help them prevent having hangovers.
Apart from using crystals to prevent being intoxicated, they were also crucial to the battlefield for the ancient Greeks. The truth is, the Greek warriors in the past would rub ground crystals on their bodies because they believed that it will make them stronger.
Ancient Romans and Crystals 
According to Pliny the Elder, a Roman author, wealthy Romans covered the windows of their houses and even their greenhouses with large transparent crystals. Ancient Romans also used crystals as amulets and talismans. Roman soldiers even carried the Tiger’s Eye crystal or gemstone because they believed that it would provide them with protection.
Crystals and Native Cultures 
The Native American culture also believed in crystal healing just like other ancient civilizations before. They passed down their crystal healing knowledge from one generation to another through word of mouth. What’s amazing is that Native Americans don’t consider crystals as merely objects. They believe that they are entities, so they have to respect them as well. They show respect to the crystals by caring for the Earth. 
When it comes to crystal healing, native cultures believe that having good thoughts and a healthy mindset are essential when handling crystals. They also believe that wearing crystals can help in the healing process.
Crystals Today
As you can see, the fascination with crystals continues to date. Just like in the past, today, many of us love to wear crystals as jewelry and believe in the strong healing powers of crystals. These beautiful treasures will surely continue to play a significant part in human livesץ