5 Powerful Full Moon Rituals

The magical moon holds a great powerful presence in our lives. The moon's magnetic effect compels the alignment of the 






The full moon is especially compelling as it represents a balancing of lunar and solar energy, the equalization of yin and yang. We can utilize this energy to see what is no longer serving us and reflect on inner knowledge. The full moon has the ability to absorb energies, a time when emotions, feelings, and dreams are amplified. 


Use this energy of the full moon and release what does not serve you anymore. We can shed the unnecessary burden, weight, and emotions that no longer serve us and nurture, energize, and empower our souls to our highest selves. 


Full moons represent the culmination of energy, it's time for us to pave way for a new cycle and as the moon follows its cycle so do we. 



To start your full moon ritual: 

Cleanse and smudge your room using Paolo Santo sage. Using these herbs will help open your heart to positivity and gratitude.  These powerful herbs can help cleanse your body and space and doing so will allow you to receive the sacred energy of the moon. Smudging will energetically cleanse a space and make way for positive energy to enter. 


Let Go 

Full moons are a time to release what does not serve us, a time to let go of things that do not work in your life. We need to release these emotions, feelings, or burdens to connect to our greater selves. The goal of a full moon is to manifest the intentions that you set in the new moon. Writing down what you want to leave behind and burning it offers a symbolic release of everything that does not serve us. Now we can allow room for new things to come into your life. 




Engage in a little reflection. Meditation offers an excellent way to do so. Sit with your thoughts as long as you feel like it, remind yourself to bring some reflective energy. 


Manifest Your Vision 

Journal what you think, feel, and want. Practice your breathwork and with doing so set your intentions to the universe. Manifest your visions, your goals, and your desires, and take a moment of gratitude for your journey so far and all that you are blessed with. With gratitude comes abundance. 



The Full Moon Prayer:

I release all that does not serve me. 

I call forth the unlimited creative force that is the divine feminine in all forms of life. 

I allow myself to be a vessel for release and renewal. 

I am becoming the greatest version of me. 

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