Healing Crystals & Law of Attraction

We’ve all spent time dreaming about that perfect life for ourselves. A life that is balanced and fulfilling in every aspect. A life that is filled with a glaring sense of bliss and tranquillity.


However, the reality is far from it. Our jobs and responsibilities have us so overwhelmed that we often forget we’re in charge of our destiny.


Every one of us have the ability to manifest spectacular changes in our lives. Of course, effort and perseverance are required but there’s more to it. Hard work and manifestation go hand in hand...and the very essence of manifestation is the Law of Attraction.


So in the next 5 minutes, you’ll find out how you can manifest a better life through Healing Crystals & the Law of Attraction.


What is the Law of Attraction?

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” - Buddha


The best way to describe the Law of Attraction would be “like attracts like”. It’s a principle where we can materialize our desires into reality by aligning our energy with those desires.


On a daily basis, our thoughts and intentions create a constant flow of energy. And this flow of energy is what shapes our life. In short, the energy we send out to the universe comes back at us and determines the quality of our life. So to live a better life, a better flow of energy is crucial.


After all, everything in this universe is energy...and that includes us, our thoughts, actions, etc.


How Can Crystals Aid Law of Attraction?

In order to manifest positive changes and outcomes in our life, we need to emit a positive energetic state. For this to happen, our chakras need to be aligned and active.


This is where healing crystals come into play. They align and balance each chakra in our body, enabling us to radiate with vibrant and receptive energy. 


After all, crystals are known to possess positive healing energy. This energy is capable of restoring the “feel good” factor and fostering the “can-do” attitude in ourselves...which is equally crucial in achieving our goals.


So let’s have a look at 4 popular crystals and how it can help us manifest in different aspects of our life:


Manifesting Love: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz oozes divine love, romance, and compassion. It’s a pink form of quartz and is filled with tranquil feminine energy.


These translucent rosy crystals will activate your heart chakra and open a new world filled with love and romance for you. Whether you’re seeking a soulmate or looking to take your relationship to the next level, Rose Quartz will bring sweeter changes in your love life.


Its earthly vibration will transform your emotions into compassion and warmth. Rose Quartz enables you to manifest the divine love within you!


Manifesting Financial Abundance: Green Jade 

In Ancient China, Green Jade was considered as the good luck charm to attract wealth and prosperity. Fast forward to today, this green glowy crystal hasn’t lost its importance at all.


Green Jade is known to attract money and open doors to financial stability. Its soothing vibration calms you down - making you a better decision-maker when it comes to financial matters. It’s also believed to attract good luck and sweet surprises.


With Green Jade, you’ll be able to strive towards the path of prosperity and manifest financial success in your life.


Manifesting Better Health: Black Tourmaline 

Black Tourmaline means protection. This powerful crystal enhances your immune system and keeps you healthy and centred.


Found in the lush jungle of South America or the pristine Himalayas, Black Tourmaline’s vibrant aura is also known to improve blood circulation and bolster your physical strength. It’s also an excellent companion if you’ve been dealing with stress and anxiety.


Overall, Black Tourmaline will help you manifest a healthy lifestyle so that you continue doing what you do best!


Manifesting Inner Peace: Amethyst

Amethyst stands for peace, wisdom, and spiritual healing. It’s a purple variety of quartz crystals and was extremely popular among Ancient Romans...thanks to its powerful healing properties.


The celestial look of this crystal can soothe your soul and put you into a deep relaxation state. Amethyst helps you deal with unhealed traumas from the past and releases your emotional baggage.


With Amethyst, you’ll be able to manifest inner peace and serenity you’ve always wished for.



Whatever you’re looking to manifest, working with healing crystals can put you on the right path towards materializing your dreams.


One of the best ways to absorb the transformative power of the crystals is to wear them on your skin. In doing this, you’ll be constantly carrying the intentions with you...and the gemstones will be able to transmute the healing vibes directly into your chakras.


So, are you ready to glow up your 2021?

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