3 Simple Self-Care Tips That Will Change Your Life

It's important to take some time out to nurture yourself, to practice self-care tips that give you a welcome break from stress. 

Despite your busy schedule, resting is crucial and winding down can actually be simple. And yet we seem to neglect it. Whether it's a simple meditation, immersing yourself in an inspiring book, or developing a self-care routine, every little thing can have a meaningful impact in the long run.


self-care tips


These special nurturing moments allow your spirit to find peace, renew and recharge.

Moreover, it can help you feel more connected with yourself. In short, self-care practices add much-needed fuel to your body and soul.

So in the next 3 minutes, you'll discover some simple yet amazing self-care tips that'll take you a step closer to a "better you".




It's a powerful and expressive practice that can bring sensational changes to your inner and outer world. Meditation can sound intimidating, difficult...or even boring to some. But the benefits are incredible and backed by science.

If you're totally new to meditation, you can start off with a 10 minutes session each day. Here's a basic tip to help you out:

  • Sit or lie down without expectations
  • Close your eyes
  • Breathe naturally
  • Focus on your breathing as you inhale and exhale

As you practice more often, you'll gradually begin to notice improvements in your mood, mindset and self-awareness.

It's also worth mentioning that healing crystals are a wonderful companion during meditation. Simply holding (or wearing) a gemstone can help us wind down and focus better.

Personally, I like The Hera Necklace as it helps me clear my mind and reach a higher state of being.


Cleaning Your Space

A clear space means a clear mind. 

There's a physical cleaning and there's a spiritual one. Simple tasks like clearing the mess in your room or vacuuming are a physical way of cleaning and they can have endless benefits mentally. On the other hand, cleaning the energy in your space is crucial to your spirit.

Here are 2 common ways of energy cleaning:

  • Lighting a Sage
  • Healing Crystals

Palo Santo, an ancient holy wood sage is used by many to cleanse negative energy from any space and to attract positivity.

For Healing Crystals, I prefer The Lilith Black Tourmaline Set. You can simply leave these sets in your room and feel the good vibes usher. Plus, its incredibly beneficial for your skin health and overall looks.


Taking a Walk Outdoors

Taking a walk is a great way to clear your mind and get in a better mood. The benefits of immersing yourself in the outer world, especially nature, is endless. 

Being in nature reduces your stress level and speeds up your recovery process. Trees naturally release a "feel good" element that can be a medicine to your soul.

Here's a pro-tip:

  • Go outdoors, in nature if possible
  • Remove your shoes
  • Let your feet touch the earth (grass, sand, ocean)

This method of walking is called "grounding" or "earthing". It's a therapeutic technique that allows you to get in contact with the Earth's surface electrons....and help you feel more connected to the Earth.

Practicing grounding is known to induce better sleep, better mood and a serene state of mind.

I like to wear my Isis Amethyst Necklace while taking a walk as it helps me get in the state of inner-peace.



In a nutshell, a simple tweak to fit in these self-care tips to your schedule can bring the world of positivity and improvement in your overall life aspects. The key is to start with baby steps and work your way up gradually.

After all, you reap what you sow!

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self-care tips to make you shine

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