How To Attract Love Into Your Life

Have you ever wondered how to attract love into your life? Most of us have. It's something that we all yearn for as it is healing and wonderful, isn't it? So, how do you attract it? The key is to reach the vibration of love and for this there are excellent gemstones:

Introducing the infamous ROSE QUARTZ crystal.

The crystal of Venus, goddess of love and beauty. Also known as the gemstone of unconditional love.



With its feminine tones of crystal pink, rose quartz is the ultimate crystal of L O V E.  

Each crystal vibrates at a certain frequency. That frequency changes through each crystal and so each stone helps you work with different kinds of energy and information. 


So, why is rose quartz so unique? 



According to ancient Greek and Roman mythology, cupid gave mankind the physical manifestation of love in the form of rose quartz, hoping to inspire love, passion, and happiness among humans. There are many legends about the crystal rose quartz. Another tale from a greek legend states that when Aphrodite’s lover Adonis, was murdered, she tried to save him but cutting herself and using the blood that fell to a rock in an attempt to save her wounded lover. 

Rose quartz has since then been a talisman worn to ignite love in all forms since the middle ages. Rose quartz is used to align your tender heart softly, yet energetically with true and loving compassion.

This stone has always been one of my all-time favorites, I instantly connected to its beautiful healing properties and the tales of how it helps to hold a powerful space for a self-love practice. My mother has always kept rose quartz dotted around the house, and you can truly feel its soulful healing feminine energy everywhere. Associated with the heart chakra, it’s pastel pink colours open you up to new love, it embodies self-love and radiates the energy of inner peace, tenderness, kindness, and compassion. 



Do you want to attract more love into your life?

Life is about loving, loving ourselves, and loving those around us. That’s why this powerful crystal can help guide you to deepen relationships with more love towards yourself and others. This crystal opens your heart and allows you to restore trust, it will heal old emotional wounds and open your heart to allow new love in. 


Do you crave the energy of love?

If you want to not only embody self-love but also to attract love, joy and abundance then this is the perfect crystal for you. By wearing this crystal, using it as part of your beauty regime, or even carrying this stone, you can align yourself with the energy of love to attract a new relationship or even to help strengthen your partnership. If you're in a relationship, this stone can help reinforce and build emotional bonds, it enhances mutual compassion and promotes intimacy. 

This infamous ‘love stone’ is believed to help summon the love of your life, the vibration of this stone is known to draw new love to you. It encourages more passion, more friendships, and more companionship in your life. Call upon the vibrations of rose quartz to help you find a suitable partner and allow it to attract more love or to make your love grow. 

The power of this crystal goes beyond a symbol of love in relationships but it can even help emotionally heal people struggling with heartbreak or if you’re struggling with your self-worth. Wear this crystal, and it can help you find confidence as you accept yourself just as you are, and it will nurture you with calm and loving energy on your journey to self-love. 


Love yourself first. A simple ritual to ignite the vibrations of peace and serenity. Each morning hold or wear rose quartz in your hand. Slowly breathe in love and breath out all negative thoughts and emotions. Affirm out loud 




Say this affirmation as many times as you like until you truly feel the words are true from your heart. 


Wear one of our pieces from the Jewelry collection and it will enable you to keep a constant flow of this crystal's energy in your energy field. When you wear this stone, it will emit high vibrations of love. If you want to attract an abundance of love, joy, and gentle self-healing then keep rose quartz connected to your skin, wearing it gives off serene vibes and connects you to your heart chakra. 


And for me, I love to incorporate the rose quartz roller into my beauty regime, I find it the perfect tool to accompany me on an at-home spa treatment. Known for it’s healing properties, it helps stimulate blood circulation and bring more oxygen to the skin, clearing away any toxins or impurities. The vibrations of love emitted from the stone help unblock the energy that clogs your heart chakra and helps you let go of any stress or negativity that can cause tension in the muscles and create fine lines. 



Are you ready to journey into self-love? 

Consciously connect with the energy of this stone and try our Freya rose quartz set or wear our Aphrodite bracelet and see how adding this crystal into your life will change your love life forever. 




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