What is Abundance and how to Attract it

The term is often associated with wealth and money, but what is abundance really?

The literal definition of it is "a very large quantity of something", according to the Oxford dictionary. Fair enough, if you have a very large quantity of wealth and money, you are abundant in that, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you are abundant in love and happiness. You just have a very large quantity of money.



Abundance is the opposite of lack, and in order to become abundant one must get rid of lack - or the feeling of it. When you lack something, your attention goes on what you don't have, and it is often coupled with feelings of worry, doubt, insecurities, and general pessimism - "I can not have this because I don't have enough", and "I could never do that because...". We all know by now that everything in the universe is energy and vibrations, and worry and fear are on the lower vibrating spectrum of emotions. When you are on a lower vibrational frequency, in fear and worry, everything around you resonates in that specific frequency, meaning that you attract the things you fear and worry about.

The trick is to shift your mindset and vibrational frequency. Crystals are very helpful in that, for they have unique vibrational frequencies that will protect and transmute your vibration. Take for example the clear quartz crystal, it is the master healer and the most powerful energy amplifier in the world. As demonstrated with a Kirlian camera, holding a quartz crystal in your hand doubles your biomagnetic field. It aids you to raise your energy to the best possible state, it begins to heal you where you need healing. And if you are already healthy and vibrating on a higher frequency, you may use Citrine to attract prosperity and abundance.



Citrine Attracts AbundanceCitrine is the stone of Prosperity

How to attract abundance?

A simple but powerful method to attract abundance is to practice gratitude. Sit down comfortably and close your eyes, and take a moment to relax and settle down for a few breaths. Meditation is very welcome and encouraged to become mindful of your self. Become aware of your thoughts and observe them without getting attached to them, for they are only fleeting thoughts, and you are the observer of them, you are the master of them. Choose to think about what you are grateful for, what you feel happy about. Perhaps it is a memory of a fortunate event or accomplishment, or maybe it's something simple as being thankful for having a healthy body, having a beating heart, feeling gratitude for being alive. Become grateful for the path that you have taken to come this far in life, to read these words, and knowing that you are pursuing something greater in your life. Feel it. Feel the joy and happiness from having. Imagine that you have so much, that you are so abundant that you don't know what to do with all of it. Feel the excitement of being infinitely abundant and sharing it with friends and family, and sharing the richness of life. Feel it all. Feel the gratitude, and stay in that feeling. And use crystals, the amplifiers of your vibrational frequency to attract more of that.

When you vibrate on that frequency, the world and life around you resonates with you, and you will attract more of it into your life. That is the mindset you need to attract abundance. When you feel grateful for what you have, you become abundant, for gratitude is among the highest vibrational frequencies. 

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