Aventurine: Meaning, Properties & Benefits

Aventurine is a form of Quartz with inclusions of other minerals that give different colours to it, and different meaning, properties and benefits. Aventurine comes in different colours: blue, green, red, orange, yellow, and white, of which green Aventurine is the most common type. As Quartz is the main component of Aventurine, it acts as an energy amplifier and the different coloured Aventurines works best with the associated colours of chakras. For example, Green Aventurine works best with the heart chakra.

Benefits of Aventurine

The most notable benefit is amplification of energy. Different colours vary slightly in properties and benefits:

  • Blue aventurine: Throat chakra - enhances communication, aids in manifesting, improves self-discipline
  • Green aventurine: Heart chakra - enhances leadership qualities, promotes prosperity, promotes unconditional love, releases anxiety
  • Red & Orange aventurine: Root & Sacral chakras - promotes sense of safety and security
  • Yellow aventurine: Solar Plexus chakra - promotes self-esteem
  • White aventurine: Enhances communication with higher self and balances all the chakras



In some cultures, green aventurine has been considered the luckiest of all gemstones, and it may be due to the fact that a strong heart promotes bravery, and fortune favours the brave. Connecting with green aventurine will promote self-love, which is the key to unlocking your full potential.

Additional benefits include a healthy functioning of the Thymus gland, which produces white blood-cells. Using the Azalea Green Aventurine set in beauty rituals promotes a healthy and glowing skin through the stimulated collagen production from the deep layers of the skin.

How to cleanse Aventurine

Just like any other crystal, Aventurine cleanses and charges in moonlight. As it is a form of Quartz, it may be used to charge other crystals too. Another method of charging is the sound from singing bowls: bringing your singing bowl to ringing and holding the crystal within the bowl, exposing it to the vibrations of sound. You may also light sage and allow the smoke to go over your aventurine. Being a naturally formed crystal, Aventurine should not be cleansed in water or saltwater as it may damage the crystal. Recommended cleansing methods:

  • Leave them in moonlight overnight
  • Sound vibration from singing bowls
  • Cleansing smoke of Sage or Palo Santo

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