4 Powerful New Moon Rituals: Manifesting With The Moon

New moon rituals are something we all should take advantage of in terms of manifesting what we want in to our lives.

The Sun shines behind the Moon while it transitions.

It's one of the most powerful periods in the Lunar Cycle. 

This period brings a ray of hope, new opportunities, and brand-new beginnings.

It's also an auspicious night to practice specific rituals. Like lighting candles, writing down your thoughts, etc.

These rituals will help you relax and get in the right spiritual state to manifest your deepest desires.

4 Powerful New Moon Rituals


Cleanse Your Space

It's important to clean up and create a nice space for yourself to perform the New Moon rituals. 

It can be something simple like straightening up and decluttering your room. This puts you in the right mental and spiritual state to make the best out of this auspicious night.

Additionally, burning sage, lighting candles, or playing soothing music is also a wonderful practice. This will fill your space with positive energy.

Set Intentions

Every month, the Lunar body blesses us with an extra dose of "manifesting energy". That's why setting positive intentions on this day can be really fruitful.

Take some time to contemplate what you'd like to achieve. Be clear and specific about it and write it down on a piece of paper.

When you write down your intentions, you not only inform the Universe about your desires but you also become focused and goal-oriented.

Start Something New

There's a reason New Moon is considered the "Night of New Beginnings". It radiates the energy of growth and fresh starts.

So commencing something new on this day can open doors and lead you towards new opportunities in life.

Whether it's a date, a new job, or a project, starting it out on the New Moon will give you positive momentum going forward.

Put Your Crystals Out

The Sun gets aligned behind the Moon on this day.

So when you put your crystals out, they'll soak up the energy from both the Sun and Moon. 

You can simply leave them out all night. This will help them recharge and return to their natural state.


The Bottom Line

The New Moon marks the beginning of a new Lunar cycle. And along with it, comes rays of hope, new opportunities, and fresh energy.

It's an auspicious night to self-reflect, set goals, and simply take a step back to relax and unwind. 


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