Gaia Black Rhodonite Necklace

$159.99 AUD

A timeless treasure that helps you achieve emotional clarity. Meet The Gaia Necklace.

Adorned in the finest Black Rhodonite gem and sterling silver, this beautiful treasure is the epitome of charm and elegance.

Gaia was an important character in Greek mythology known for her charisma and influence. And that's something this treasure can be associated with.

The colourful beads in the necklace ooze a sense of vibrance and the handcrafted design is destined to bring a smile to your face.

This piece also comes with a"Triquetra" pendant that symbolizes the holy trinity - Mind, Body, and Soul. So this treasure promotes healing on all three levels.

In the Ancient culture, Rhodonite was considered the "Stone of Compassion". The soothing energy of this gem is believed to heal any emotional scars and nurture unconditional love and positivity.

Some amazing benefits of this gem are:

  • Clears emotional blockage for a clear energy flow
  • Induces better mood and sleep quality
  • Balances the yin and yang energy
  • Stimulates heart chakra for more love and compassion
  • Aids in personal growth

This treasure is handcrafted with raw gemstones so each piece might slightly vary from one another.


Stone: Black Rhodonite

Material: Sterling Silver

Length: 35 cm + 4 cm extension

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