New Moon in Aries 2022 - The Time to be Yourself

Today marks the day when the moon is directly between the earth and the sun, meaning that the sunlit part of the sky is completely hidden from us. It is in the part of the sky known as Aries. If you were to look at Aries and the moon tonight, it would be completely dark and invisible to the naked eye.

As you may already know, the new moon represents a fresh start for each month, a blank canvas that you may paint your upcoming month upon. It is the time to manifest. These few days of new moon will influence the rest of the month, which is why it's important to approach them with conscious attention. 

Even though the new moon is considered the time to manifest, this month is about commitment - which means that it is time to reflect on what you've been struggling to devote your time to (if you have), and find the mission that you're aligned with. It is the time to put your energy into a new project, or to an existing one, as there is little resistance in the world - which is also largely due to a feeling of heightened courage and confidence.

When your sense of self strengthens in this manner, you'll automatically attract new opportunities as people feel more drawn to your positive, vital drive. This cycle is here to remind you of your power and to show you the illusory nature of fear - that it is irrelevant when you are in charge of yourself. 

The new moon in Aries is also an excellent opportunity to inspect what you want - what you truly want. You have desires and it is your job to own them - not to follow and fulfil the desires of others. When you acknowledge your truest and deepest desires, you will know how to prioritize your goals, which is incredibly energizing, and it makes you powerful. It makes you authentic and people will respect you for that. Though you cannot please everyone, everyone will still respect you because of your authenticity, because you stay true to your cause.

To amplify the energy and the intentions of the current moon cycle, wear Jasper, which is a supportive crystal that will impart determination to all pursuits. It supports you if you're conflicted, and it encourages you to be honest with yourself. And when you're honest with yourself you're automatically honest with everyone around you. Jasper enhances the courage to get grips with problems assertively, and it stimulates the imagination helping you to see projects through. Remember that crystals do not work if you don't believe in them - they will do the opposite as they are there to amplify whatever energy you're putting out. So be careful but intentional and conscious, everything will happen the way they are supposed to, whether you are aware of it or not.


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In 2 weeks time when the full moon is upon us - ask yourself how has life played out from this new moon where you set your intentions: did you progress towards your goal and do you feel more empowered? Happy new moon!

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